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Team Ninja teases Dead or Alive 5

"Thinking about" PS3, 360 as platforms.

Next month Dead or Alive fighting games return after a five year hiatus with Nintendo 3DS brawler Dimensions, but what about Dead or Alive 5?

"Dead or Alive Dimensions received positive feedback and responses from consumers, so there is definitely a future ahead," Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi told Eurogamer.

"Team Ninja would like to progress and work towards that future."

Will Dead or Alive 5 appear on home consoles, including the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?

"We'll think about it. We will take that into consideration."

Dead or Alive 5 was first rumoured to be in development in January 2010.

It was said to be planned for launch on PlayStation 3 – although a Xbox 360 release was not ruled out.

Dimensions is the first Dead or Alive fighting game to launch since the high-profile exit of Tomonobu Itagaki from Team Ninja.

There have been a number of Dead or Alive games since its 1996 debut, four of them in the fighting genre.

The last Dead or Alive fighting game was Dead or Alive 4, which launched on the Xbox 360 exclusively in 2005.

Eurogamer's Dead or Alive 4 review smashed in a 6/10.

Dimensions is described as a "collection" of all of the DOA fighting games, and a return to the series' roots.

It features 60fps visuals – if you turn the 3D effect off. With 3D on, it runs at 30fps.

While Hayashi confirmed Dead or Alive has a future – possibly on home consoles - he said the development team has "no desire" to make another game in the series for the Nintendo 3DS.

"Dimensions has just finished being developed," he said. "So for the time being there is no desire. But what we want right now is for people to play the game and hear their opinions."

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