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Dead or Alive 3DS SpotPass explained

Extra challenges, costumes coming.

Nintendo 3DS fighter Dead or Alive: Dimensions will be complimented by extra morsels of SpotPass content, Tecmo Koei has revealed.

Players can download skimpy new costumes for their fighters to squeeze into as well as additional Throwdown Challenges, according to UK-Anime. And that's just the first round of extras on offer.

Between 27th May and 29th June, one costume per day (only available on that day) and one new Throwdown Challenge a week (available only that week) will unlock. That's 34 new outfits and five bonus Challenges in total.

Tecmo Koei has said it will announce a second batch of bonus content in due course.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions is out tomorrow in Europe - a Eurogamer review is scheduled for then, too.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions trailer