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DK: Jungle Beat Wiimake in June

Congo wrong with this one.

Nintendo has announced a 5th June release date for New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

This is another of the GameCube remakes for Wii, following the likes of Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis from earlier in the year. The best up to now, for our money, is definitely Pikmin 2.

DK: Jungle Beat comes back to life with two extra stages plus the mandatory Wiimote controls. The GameCube original had a bongo peripheral to pound in time with musical prompts, which rewarded you with banana points depending on your accuracy.

Jungle Beat was short but refreshingly unique, and scrapping the need for the expensive bongos could make this Wiivamp worthwhile.

Head over to our review of Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat on GameCube for our thoughts, or wait a little while longer for the Wiimake review.

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