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DJ Hero 2 gets trance DLC

Glowsticks not included.

New DJ Hero 2 DLC adds in a trio of trance mixes from genre heavyweights like Armin van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold.

The Trance Anthems Pack is available now and incorporates the following choice cuts:

  • "Imagine" by Armin van Buuren Mixed With "Punk" by Ferry Corsten
  • "Not Over" by Paul Oakenfold ft. Ryan Tedder (Remix by FSG)
  • "9PM (Till I Come)" by ATB Mixed With "For An Angel" by Paul van Dyk

The pack will set you back £6.29 on PlayStation 3 or 640 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360, while Wii gamers can pick up individual tracks for 300 Wii Points a pop.

The FreeStyle Games-developed sequel launched back in October, spinning Eurogamer's Keza MacDonald right round to the tune of 9/10.