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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes gets a release date

Will feature a Guardians of the Galaxy playset (sold separately).

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes has been given a 23rd September release date in North America, Disney has announced.

Ostensibly this means it will come out Friday that week on 26th September, but we're still awaiting confirmation on that.

The upcoming sequel will feature a Guardians of the Galaxy playset sold separately that will be playable in the game's Toy Box 2.0 mode.

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Pre-orders for the Starter Pack will also include a bonus Marvel figure.

All characters and Power Discs from the previous playset will be usable in this upcoming entry, although the Xbox 360 base won't be compatible with the Xbox One version of Marvel Super Heroes. The PS3 base, however, will work with the PS4 game here.

The Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack will include the game disc, a base, figurines for Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow, The Avenger's playset piece, and two Toy Box games including a tower-defense game and a proceedurally-generated dungeon crawler.