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DIRT will push next-gen

"Right from the off" - Raeburn

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Colin McRae: DIRT will push next-gen systems in ways we've not yet seen, executive producer Gavin Raeburn has told Eurogamer, and it's all thanks to the newly designed "Neon" engine.

"CMR 3, 4 and 5 were little more than extensions of the PS1 code base," he told us. "DIRT has all new and visually stunning engine that is pushing next-gen hardware to the max right from the off."

"The damage, particle effects, post-production, car physics, car audio and AI are all far in advance of anything we have yet seen on next gen."

Lofty aspirations, especially held against titles like MotorStorm, which is the best of the launch titles, at least as far as Raeburn is concerned.

Colin McRae: DIRT launches for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in June. The three versions will be almost identical, but Raeburn admits that Microsoft leads the way with its online service:

"Xbox Live set the benchmark with regards to online console gaming, so it is a compliment to Microsoft that we are endeavouring to replicate much of this on the PS3 and PC platforms."

There are no plans for a Wii version in June: it would simply take too much time, as it would have to be developed from the ground up to make use of the console's unique controls. Still, "we never say never, of course."

Raeburn also says he's keen to show off new trailers for the game soon. Well, we're keen to see them. Maybe we could get together on that. Or something.

Meanwhile, you can head over to the gallery to look at the latest screenshots for the game.

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