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This 80+ Gold NZXT C1200 PSU is currently £80 off at Scan Computers

A lot of power for a good price.

If you're someome after a PSU that's going to give you oodles of power for both now, and in the future as more power hungry components become the norm, I may well have found the deal for you. This 1200W NZXT C1200 PSU is down to £120 from Scan Computers, marking out an £80 saving on what is one of the most powerful PSUs available in its price bracket.

1200W of power gives you enough oomph for running literally any configuration of PC components at the moment, and provides more than enough headroom even on some of the most powerful and hungry components available. It also gives you enough headroom for any potential upgrades in the future, too. I'm currently using the C1200 in my current PC build, where it's powered a 7800X3D and 4080 Super with no troubles, and it's been excellent so far. As well as being able to offer my own personal experience, that's also backed up by this PSU being a top-tier option on the Cultists PSU Tier List (formerly of the LTT Forums).

The fact this is an 80+ Gold rated PSU is testament to its efficiency, and also provides peace of mind, too. The fact it's also fully modular is also pretty handy for less case clutter with your cables making cable management that little bit easier, so you only need to plug in the cables that are required to get your PC up and running. The C1200 also comes with a 12VHPWR connector, too, so you can run modern Nvidia GPUs without needing to purchase any other adapters or cables.

If you're after an beefy PSU for slotting into your next gaming rig and powering your system, then you'll want to take a look at this excellent NZXT C1200 deal.

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