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Where to buy Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB: US and UK links, release date and prices

A slightly more powerful RTX 3060 Ti with DLSS 3.

Nvidia's first mid-range Ada Lovelace GPUs have arrived with the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB now available, ahead of the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB and RTX 4060 debuting in July. The 4060 Ti 8GB is around 15 to 20 percent faster than its predecessor, the RTX 3060 Ti, while also adding in DLSS 3 which can boost frame-rates and visual fluidity substantially in supported games - at the expense of a little added latency. It's also a more power-efficient GPU, so it costs less to run.

These qualities mean the RTX 4060 Ti isn't a great graphics card for RTX 30-series owners, but it's at least slightly better than the RTX 3060 Ti that it replaces - despite having the same contentious 8GB frame buffer - so we've rounded up links to all of the retailers stocking the card in the UK and US.

UK: Where to buy Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB (from £389)

Here are links to each retailer stocking the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB we've been able to find in the UK. Scroll down for direct links to UK RRP cards too.

Retailer Last Price Seen
Ebuyer £389
Overclockers £375
Scan £389
AWD-IT £394
CCL £409
Box £409
Novatech £389
Amazon UK £419
Nvidia £389

US: Where to buy Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB (from $399)

Here are links to each retailer stocking the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB we've been able to find in the US.

As mentioned above, sales begin on April 13th at 9AM EDT / 6AM PDT but some retailers can be a little later with their offerings. We'll keep this page up to date with updated links as we go.

Retailer Last Price Seen
Amazon USA $399
B&H Photo Video $399
Best Buy $399
Newegg $399
Antonline $399

geforce rtx 4060 ti

Frequently asked questions

When is the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB release date and time?

The RTX 4060 Ti was released worldwide on 24th May at 2PM BST (9AM EDT / 6AM PDT for the US market).

What UK price is the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB?

The RTX 4060 Ti costs £389 in the UK - or at least, that's the UK RRP.

What US price is the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB?

The RTX 4060 Ti costs $399 in the US - or at least, this is the US MSRP.

What's the recommended PSU (power supply) for the RTX 4060 Ti?

With a rated 160W TDP, Nvidia recommends a 550W power supply or better - which includes the vast majority of PSUs you're likely to find for sale to the gaming crowd. By comparison, the RTX 3060 Ti has a 200W TDP, once again signalling the efficiency gains afforded by a new generation of GPUs.

How big is the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB?

The RTX 4060 Ti 8GB Founders Edition features a dual-slot design that measures 244 x 98. With that small size, this card should be easy to fit even in smaller cases, which is great to see. Third-party models may have larger dimensions, so it's best to double-check your case's GPU clearance before ordering a 4060 Ti.

What ports does the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB have?

The Founders Edition model has three DisplayPort 1.4a ports and one HDMI 2.1 port; third-party cards may opt for different connectors.

Should I wait for the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB?

The RTX 4060 Ti 16GB ought to be a more "future-proof" card, ensuring frame-rates remain high in games that haven't been well optimised for 8GB GPUs. However, the 16GB card is $100 more and isn't any faster in terms of memory bandwidth, compute and clock speeds - so at that point, you may as well spend $200 more and get the RTX 4070 which is noticeably faster!

Of course, this same logic could be applied all the way up to the RTX 4090, so you'll need to make the decision as to which card is appropriate for you - and we won't know for sure until the 16GB card has passed by our labs for a full review. From what we know at this stage, I'd suggest picking up the 16GB card if you tend to hang onto your graphics cards for three years or more, while the 8GB card is probably the better value if you upgrade more frequently.

Well, there you have it - the best retailer links for the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti 8GB and a bit of extra information on price, availability and required specs as well. Let us know if you spot one of these GPUs at a retailer we haven't listed, and stay tuned to @dealsfoundry on Twitter for more PC deals as we find them.

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