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This massive DF-favourite SATA SSD has had its price slashed on Amazon

8TB of storage for a good price.

Samsung's cheap, fast and capacious 870 Qvo is one of our favourite gaming SSDs, as you can get this SATA SSD in sizes up to 8TB for surprisingly little money. Today, we noticed the drive had dropped to just £329 on Amazon, which works out to a paltry 4.1p per gigabyte or £41 per terabyte - an amazing price given the titanic capacity.

8TB drives are a favourite of data hoarders, as they are the largest SSDs available to the consumer market right now and can replace multiple smaller SSDs or HDDs. You could easily use this as your main drive, but it's probably best used to augment a smaller but faster NVMe drive by adding a ton of space for game or media storage.

The 870 Qvo is surprisingly nippy for a SATA SSD, offering read and write speeds of up to 560MB/s and 530MB/s respectively. This is impressive for a QLC-based drive, even one equipped with a DRAM cache like the 870 Qvo, and makes for a big upgrade over older mechanical hard drives. With this in mind, the 870 QVO is a worthwhile upgrade to a lot of laptops and desktops, especially those that don't have any (free) NMVe slots.

As this is an SSD, this also means there are no moving parts, so they're inherently more reliable than older hard drives with their spinning discs and all. If you are upgrading an older system that's only got mechanical hard drives in, this is a good way of prolonging its life, which is always nice.

If you are a bit of a data hoarder and you want to nab 8TB of storage for a good price, this Samsung 870 QVO deal from Amazon is definitely worth a look.

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