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This highly rated Acer 165Hz gaming monitor is down to £120 at Amazon

A great monitor at a heavy discount.

Acer's lineup of gaming monitors has always been an excellent choice for those wanting a good value monitor that provides solid performance in a package that doesn't overdo it with RGB and other unneeded bits for good looks. A case in point is the Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx, a humble FHD 165Hz monitor, which Amazon has for £120 at the moment.

£120 really is quite cheap for a Full HD monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate, especially considering the sea of similarly priced panels I see on a weekly basis with 60Hz or 75Hz refresh rates. The fact is that is more akin to a near £200 monitor, but the price has dropped like a stone in the last few weeks to bring you this excellent discount. A 165Hz monitor is going to provide smoother motion than monitors with lower refresh rates, which is especially handy for more high-intensity gaming, such as competitive FPS titles like CS:GO.

While other cheaper monitors sometimes use TN or VA panels, this Acer candidate uses an IPS panel, providing the benefit of both excellent viewing angles and solid colour reproduction. It's representative of the value for money that's available in 2023, given that even just a few years ago, the market was awash with TN or VA panels that aren't as good all-rounders as an IPS screen. There's also a 0.5ms response time, making this one of the speediest monitors for the money, while its input lag is also pretty low, too. VRR is also bundled in both Nvidia and AMD flavours, so you should also be getting a tear-free gaming experience with no juddering. A DisplayHDR400 rating is impressive for the price and means the picture here should also be pretty vibrant, too.

This is also one of Acer's most popular models, and one that's received quite a hefty amount of good ratings on Amazon too, as well as good writeups from the folks over at RTings, too, if that's any further evidence of the fact this is a great value gaming monitor.

There's a lot packed into this Acer monitor, and for £120, it's an absolute steal if you're on a budget but want to a get a monitor that's jam-packed with features.

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