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Nab this speedy Adata S70 Blade 2TB SSD for a lot less with this discount code

Tech Next Day codes strike again.

Good lord, SSDs really are getting cheap at the moment. It's now gotten to the point where you can get even some of the quickest SSDs for ridiculously cheap, and in good capacities, too. A case in point for you - this 2TB Adata XPG Gamma S70 Blade NVMe SSD is down to under £100 with code TND-10 from Tech Next Day

This is one of the best gaming SSDs money can buy today, given its immense read and write speeds of 7400MB/s and 6800MB/s, meaning playing games off of on either a PC or in your PS5 will be especially quick. Its random IOPS figures of 650K read and 740K write are also pretty good too, and will mean you definitely won't be waiting around for too long while you're loading up a game to play.

As a 2TB drive, there's also a solid amount of space on offer, and you could use this drive either as a boot drive, or as a storage drive for your games, media and anything else you may wish to store for PC use. The speeds mentioned above also make it more thnan suitable for PS5 use, too. Adding this into your PS5 should be simple, given it comes with a small heatsink, as per Sony's recommendation. In addition, adding 2TB of storage increases the total usable storage of your PS5 by over four times, given the actual internal storage of a PS5 is 666GB out of the advertised 825GB.

This particular S70 Blade is also quite a mean looking SSD, with its black and silver heatsink and chassis, which means it won't be something that stands out in your PC. That's especially handy if you're going for more of a minimalistic look to your setup, and you want that to extent to every component of your system, SSD included.

The fact is that SSD prices for even some of the fastest and most powerful drives are coming down, and £90 for this Adata XPG S70 in 2TB form is an absolute steal whether you need it for PC or PS5!