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Grab this solid AMD RX 6600 for just £197 from Tech Next Day with this code

A great mid-range GPU at an excellent price.

The RX 6600 is a strong graphics card for 1080p and even 1440p gaming, and today you can pick one up from Tech Next Day with code TND-10 for £197. That's a good price for a card that debuted at £300+, regularly retails for ~£225 and has only improved with AMD's driver updates.

The RX 6600 is a generally solid card for 1080p card, and one we noted in our review to be on a similar level to Nvidia's comparably last-gen RTX 2060 Super and a pretty worthy adversary to the 3060. In the likes of Doom Eternal at 1080p for instance, the RX 6600 managed a result of 197fps or so, while putting things to the max in more of an intense title such as Borderlands 3 allowed the RX 6600 to post a result of 77.65fps. This is on par with an RTX 2070 Super and beats off an RTX 3060, meaning the 6600 is a pretty handy performenr for Full HD titles.

It's also a handy media solution too, with support for both HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 output, as well as AV1 decode, all within a rather affordable shell, especially considering that a few months back, this card was pushing £300 in the sales. To get all this in a card with a TDP that isn't too high is especially handy at a time when the cost of electricity is getting pretty expensive.

As for this specfic AsRock card, it follows a similar design language and cues to their other offerings. This comes in the form of offering more of a low-key and minimalistic frame, with a dual fan cooler and black plastic shroud. There isn't any RGB to speak of, meaning if you're building a PC with more of a functional aesthetic, then this is definitely a card to consider.

To get such a capable 1080p GPU for just a touch over £200 really is an excellent deal, especially considering where we were with GPU prices only a few months ago. The RX 6600 is a great card for 1080p gaming anyways, but at £205 with a discount code, it's even more of an enticing deal.

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