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Get the Kingston NV2 1TB SSD for £48 from Wezzstar's eBay store with a code

A fast-enough NVMe SSD for mega-cheap.

In amongst the sea of rising prices, the Kingston NV2 has remained a solid value PCIe 4.0 choice for those who want snappy storage for an affordable outlay. Today's the last day you can use the CHILL10 code on eBay to take an extra bit off its list price at Wezzstar's eBay store which brings the price down to a more palatable £48.

For a PCIe Gen 4 drive, this price is particularly ridiculous. However, it does mean you will make some sacrifices compared to some of the absolute best gaming SSDs, for instance. Its speeds of 3500MB/s read and 2100MB/s writes mean it's about half as fast as the likes of WD's SN850X or the Kingston KC3000, but it's still going to e a speed upgrade on any older PCIe Gen 3 drives you have, and an even bigger upgrade on both older mechanical hard drives or SATA SSDs that max out at around the 550MB/s range of speed due to the limits of the SATA interface.

Another key thing to note here is that this is a QLC drive, and one that doesn't feature a DRAM cache. This means it may not be the most suitable for intensive tasks such as video production, but for more general stuff such as storing and playing media or games from, the NV2 should be more than suitable. Even without that DRAM cache, there's no reason why you couldn't use the NV2 as an OS drive on a less-powerful machine, where the speed boost may make a bigger difference.

The fact also remains there's a 1TB capacity to take advantage of here, which is going to give you a fair bit of space for installing a lot of things on, be it games, apps, or other media. It's going to be enough space to store a good amount of games and stuff on, even if a lot of AAA titles are pushing triple figures in terms of their sizes.

Getting any 1TB NVMe SSD under £50 is an excellent deal anyways these days, not least when it's a decent PCIe Gen 4 option that you'll be able to chuck into any modern system for some additional storage on the cheap. The Kingston NV2 may not be the flashiest of drives in the world, but it's a workhorse for this great price, and a well-regarded one at that.