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One of our favourite USB mics from Blue is going cheap

Hot deal, cold product.

Blue makes some of the best gaming microphones money can buy, with a handy few of their products getting a recommendation from us, and the Snowball Ice, our particular favourite cheap USB mic, has received a hefty price cut on Amazon.

It's currently available for just £32.99, representing a 40 percent price cut on the mic's usual £54.99 list price, providing budding streamers and content creators with an especially affordable avenue into getting some great audio with crystal clear comms.

Dedicated USB mics that retail for under £50 are a dime a dozen these days, and most of the options available now have seemingly been released to challenge the king of budget mics, the Blue Snowball Ice. This is a simple plug-and-play USB microphone, meaning it works out of the box and without any other equipment - in contrast to an XLR mic that requires an audio interface to connect to your computer.

The Snowball Ice features a cardioid pickup pattern, which means it picks up sound from the front more prevalently than from the back or sides of the mic. This is ideal for streaming, content creation, and conferencing alike, as your voice will be the most prominent thing as opposed to any background noise. The fact the capsule inside is also a condenser allows it to capture more detailed voices, as opposed to dynamic alternatives which are better at screening out background noise. Do note though, this is the only pickup pattern available, while more expensive Blue microphones like the infamous Yeti offer multiple pickup patterns to suit different scenarios.

All of this translates into the fact that the Snowball Ice offers surprisingly good audio with a clear and clean pickup that means you can use this mic for more than just its intended purpose of recording voiceovers for videos or streaming. It's worth noting that the spherical shape here also offers a refreshing look in a world where budget microphones are more akin to non-descript rectangles with small grilles in them.

The Blue Snowball Ice is definitely a mic to consider picking up if you want great audio on the cheap, and with a new low price of £32.99, there aren't many better opportunities to give it a try than now.

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