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Diablo 4's first hotfixes are live – here's what's changed

Expect nerfs to the Sorcerer and Rogue classes and harder enemies in later World Tiers.

Diablo 4's first hotfix has nerfed the Sorcerer and Rogue classes, as well as made the monsters in later World Tiers a little trickier.

As well as the usual unspecified stability and crash fixes, a second hotfix released later that same day has also "reduced the drop rate of the Elixir of Death Evasion recipe after it's already learned", fixed items "inheriting Junk status from gems socketed into them", and addressed an issue where "Sorcerers could teleport underground in Serpent’s Passage".

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The changes – which have been detailed on the official forums and the community subreddit – are live now. Here's what you can expect when you boot up today:

Hotfix 1 - 2nd June, 2023 - 1.0.2


Class Specialisation

Flame Shield Enchantment

  • When Flame Shield is initially equipped into an Enchantment slot, it’s placed on full cooldown.


Class Specialisation

Inner Sight

  • After Inner Sight’s unlimited Energy expires, there will be a 4 second delay before another enemy becomes marked.


Shout Skill Cooldown Reduction

  • This affix will no longer appear on items.


  • Monster health values have been increased in later World Tiers.

Hotfix 2 - 2nd June, 2023 - 1.0.2

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced the drop rate of the Elixir of Death Evasion recipe after it’s already learned.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with items inheriting Junk status from gems socketed into them.
  • Fixed an issue where Sorcerer’s could teleport underground in Serpent’s Passage.
  • Miscellaneous stability and crash fixes.

As a server-side update, there's no need for you to download or apply a patch – the changes are done entirely on Blizzard's side.

ICYMI, Diablo 4 is suffering launch issues on PlayStation, due to an invalid licence error. Numerous PlayStation users have reported the issue, in which they're unable to access the game and instead are met with the error message: "Unable to find a valid licence for Diablo 4".

Blizzard acknowledged the issue via its official forum, writing: "We are seeing reports regarding PlayStation users experiencing Invalid Licence errors. The team is looking into this right now and will update once we have more information."

You might've spotted some Diablo 4 reviews going live right about now, but unfortunately there won't be one from Eurogamer - not just yet, anyway.

As Chris explained earlier this week, "we've been playing the game a fair bit, but right now we're just not ready to publish a full review that meets our standards for thoroughness".

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