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Diablo 4 beta players report GPU issues, Blizzard investigating

Burn in hell.

Diablo 4
Image credit: Blizzard

Blizzard is investigating reports from some players that the Diablo 4 beta is causing GPU issues.

The reports revolve around GPUs apparently overheating while running the action RPG's recent early access on PC.

Eurogamer reader "jonzie23" was among those who reported a problem with their GPU while running Diablo 4 last weekend.

"I wanted to wrap up my time with beta on Monday, played for 20 minutes, then my PC shut down unexpectedly," they said in a comment on Eurogamer.

"My GPU was so hot that I burnt my fingers when touching the HDMI connector. Luckily it was not permanently damaged. I thought that it's an isolated instance, but I have found some articles saying that more people experienced it actually, and they were not as lucky as I was."

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Players are recommending limiting FPS while playing Diablo 4 in a bid to prevent similar issues occuring. Meanwhile, Blizzard took to to issue its own advice:

"The Diablo 4 team has been investigating the reports of GPU issues mentioned in this thread and elsewhere online. The team is working closely with Nvidia to identify affected hardware configurations and gather as many data points as possible to assist in the investigation.

"If your card is still not working, try these troubleshooting steps:"

  • Conduct a complete power cycle (AC OFF->AC ON) and see if GPU can be detected under Windows.
  • If GPU can be found under Windows, do a clean driver install.

The Diablo 4 open beta kicks off at 4pm UK time today, Friday 24th March. Expect "unprecedented traffic and queue times", Blizzard has warned. Check out our Diablo 4 open beta guide for more information.

The Diablo 4 open beta launches amid concerns over incentivised crunch in order to get the game done, and periodic staff walkouts as unionisation efforts seek to tackle unfair working conditions. And, of course, there's the apparently never-ending Microsoft buyout saga looming large.

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