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Diablo 4 beta release dates, times, and how to access the Diablo 4 beta

Here's how to play Diablo 4 early.

The Diablo 4 beta is coming soon, letting you play the next Diablo entry before its scheduled June release.

You can only play the beta on certain dates, however, and some people get early access, so we've detailed the beta dates and times for Diablo 4 below, along with how to access the beta, all beta rewards, and everything included in the beta.

If you'd like to know what it's like to play the game ahead of the beta, you can check out our Diablo 4 preview.

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Diablo 4 open beta dates and times for everyone

For those that don't have early access, the Diablo 4 beta starts the next weekend on Friday, 24th March at 4pm in the UK (GMT) and ends on Monday, 27th March at 8pm in the UK (BST). Just be careful when working out your playtime around the end date, as the timezones change the day before the beta ends in the UK and Europe.

Early download for the beta available for everyone will begin Wednesday, 22nd March at 4pm in the UK (GMT). So that's 9am on the West Coast and 12pm on the East Coast in the US.

Here's what the date and times are for the start of the Diablo 4 beta open to everyone in other timezones:

  • UK: Friday, 24th March, 4pm (GMT)
  • Europe: Friday, 24th March, 5pm (CET)
  • East Coast US: Friday, 24th March, 12pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Friday, 24th March, 11am (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Friday, 24th March, 9am (PDT)

Finally, here's when the Diablo 4 beta open to everyone ends in other timezones:

  • UK: Monday, 27th March, 8pm (BST)
  • Europe: Monday, 27th March, 9pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: Monday, 27th March, 3pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Monday, 27th March, 2pm (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Monday, 27th March, 12pm (PDT)

How to access the Diablo 4 beta

To get early access to the Diablo 4 beta, you need to pre-order the game. It doesn't matter what edition you pre-order, as you'll get early access to the beta with any of them.

If you live in the states, you can also take part in a pretty weird collaboration and buy a Double Down burger from KFC before the promotion ends on March 18th to get a code for early access to the beta.

For those that don't have early access, you'll have to wait to play the beta until its second weekend, starting Friday, 24th March.

With information taken verbatim from Blizzard's blog about the beta, here's exactly how to download and play the Diablo 4 beta when it's available to you:

Beta code redemption instructions

  1. Go to and log in or create your account.
  2. Enter your code and select your gaming platform and region (if applicable) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Be sure to check your selections before clicking the Redeem button.
  4. A success page will confirm that your code was valid and claimed to the account.
  5. For PC players, your account will be flagged for access right away.
  6. For console players, a platform-specific code to download the Beta will be emailed to the address associated with your account closer to the start of Early Access.

How To early download the Diablo 4 beta

Here's how to download the Diablo 4 beta early on PC and consoles:


  1. Launch the client. If Diablo 4 is not already in your Favorites bar, you can add it by clicking on the + icon. Alternatively, you can find Diablo 4 by accessing the All Games page. You’ll see Diablo 4 at the top of the list.
  2. Once you get to the Diablo 4 Game Page. Click the blue button that says Install. The game will install and once it’s available, click Play to Launch.


  • Launch the Xbox Store and search for Diablo 4–Open Beta. Select Download.


  • Launch the PlayStation Store and search for Diablo 4 Open Beta. Select Download.

What's included in the Diablo 4 beta?

The beta seems like it will give us a proper look at a lot of different parts of Diablo 4!

Here's the highlights of what's included in the Diablo 4 beta:

  • Prologue and the entirety of Act 1 story.
  • The first zone, Fractured Peaks, is available to explore.
  • Three character classes in early access beta: Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer.
  • Five characters in beta available to everyone: Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Druid, and Necromancer.
  • Your character can reach Level 25.
  • You can create a maximum of 10 characters per account.
  • Dungeons.
  • Quests from 'the locals'.
  • Lots of loot!
  • Can play couch co-op with one other player on consoles (their account doesn't need to have access to the current beta).
  • Up to 4-player co-op while playing online (each account must have access to the current beta).
  • Get 5% bonus experience for killing enemies in co-op, and 10% if you are near a member of your party.
  • Ashava World Boss during set dates and times.

You can battle Ashava during the beta on:

  • Saturday, 18th March at 10am, 12pm, 10 pm and midnight (PDT)
  • Saturday, 25th March at 10am, 12pm, 10 pm, and midnight (PDT)

So, in the UK, you'll be able to battle Ashava on Saturday, 18th March at 5pm and 7pm, on Sunday, 19th March at 5am and 7am, and on Saturday 25th March and Sunday, 26th March at the same times.

Lastly, it's important to note that while progress will transfer from early access beta accounts to the beta open to everyone, all characters made during these weekends will be deleted once the beta ends - so you can't use them in the full release.

Diablo 4 beta rewards

For playing the Diablo 4 beta and completing set challenges, you'll receive some cosmetic rewards once the full game launches.

Here's the beta challenges and what they reward:

Beta challenge Reward
Reaching Kyovashad with one character Initial Casualty Title
Reaching Level 20 with one character Early Voyager Title
Reaching Level 20 with one character Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item

If there was ever a reward to entice us to play the beta, it's carrying around a sleeping wolf pup on our backs.

Have fun slaying monsters in the Diablo 4 beta!

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