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Diablo 3: Eternal Collection drops to £31 on Nintendo Switch

Epic loot.

If you're eager to take your hunt for orange sparkly loot on the move then the Nintendo Switch version of Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is available for £30.99 at Amazon UK.

It's rare to find this port of the Blizzard action-RPG on sale, so worth snapping up while you can if you've been looking out for a discount - however small.

It's not quite as legendary as the price drop to £30 we saw at Very over Black Friday that went out of stock in a matter of seconds. They seem to have stumbled across some new stock now, though, and price-matched Amazon at £30.99 as well.

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As for what you get in the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection, this release includes the base Diablo 3 game along with all of the previously released DLC. That includes the Reaper of Souls expansion and Rise of the Necromancer character class pack.

As an added bonus in the Switch version, you also get a handful of extra items, including the Cucco companion pet, Triforce portrait frame, and a transmogrification set for Ganondorf's iconic armour so you can dress up as Link's nemesis and punch a prime evil in the face.

The Switch version also supports single or dual Joy-con control methods.

With support for both local multiplayer and online play you're getting the full Diablo 3 experience too, with that added bonus that you can take it with you to continue working on the loot treadmill wherever you are. A dangerous but enticing prospect, indeed!

Meanwhile, the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is available on PS4 or Xbox One for £19.99!

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