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Devil Daggers now lets you watch top-down replays

Bloody hell.

Devil Daggers, the hellish indie shooter hit from earlier this year, just received an excellent update.

Along with Linux support and some new enemy types, Devil Daggers now allows players to watch their replays from a top-down perspective.

As you can see in the video below, you'll still load the replays as per usual, but once they're playing you can press M to switch between the first-person camera and a new top-down look at what's going on.

With most deaths in Devil Daggers coming as a result of enemies swarming you from behind, this is genuinely quite a useful feature. It also looks really, really cool, which is important.

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Johnny reviewed Devil Daggers back in March, calling it "invigorating and infuriating in equal measure". Yeah, that sounds about right.

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