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Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost Halloween event includes horde-like mode

Mask your excitement.

Festival of the Lost, Destiny's mostly-annual Halloween event, has been detailed for 2018 - and it feels like there's a little more on offer this time around.

Amongst the usual array of paper masks and Eververse cosmetics, Bungie has teased a new horde-style mode. Specifics are thin on the ground, but you'll have up to 15 minutes to survive as long as possible in areas of ever-increasing difficulty.

Named the Haunted Forest, the limited-time activity looks like a Vex simulation set in the game's dark future timeline. You'll be able to venture forth as a solo player, fireteam or in a matchmade group.

Prior to Bungie's official announcement, a tease from reliable reddit user AnonTheNine mentioned a "new horde mode" but said it would be included with Black Armory, Destiny 2's first drop of new season pass content due December. Maybe Bungie moved Haunted Forest up, or perhaps Haunted Forest is the game's first take on a future, permanent mode.

Elsewhere, there will be a new questline to track down the killer of Master Ives - who you probably won't remember was the Cryptarch back in the Reef in Destiny 1. (He's also voiced by Devrim Kay actor Gideon Emery, which makes getting him back to record some lines a little easier.)

Festival of the Lost will this year be hosted by Sparrow mechanic Amanda Holliday, who hasn't had much to do since Destiny 2 arrived. There's still no sign of olllld Eva Levante, Destiny 1's shader vendor and Festival of the Lost host, who Bungie wrote out of the game when it changed the way shaders worked.

Festival of the Lost runs for three weeks beginning next Tuesday, 16th October. Level up during the event and you'll get a Festival of the Lost engram alongside your regular Bright Engram. And, of course, specific loot will be able to buy direct from Eververse.

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