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Destiny 2 - Sanctum of Bones, Aphix Conduit, Grove of Ulan-Tan in The Rupture, Lost Oasis

How to find and complete the Io Lost Sectors.

This Destiny 2 The Rupture and Lost Oasis Lost Sectors page will explain where to find all the mini-dungeons on planet Io.

If you want more information on how to find Lost Sectors and the rewards they offer, our Lost Sectors locations page can help.

Destiny 2 The Rupture, Lost Oasis Lost Sectors

The three Lost Sectors on Io are:

A technical look at Destiny 2's PC version from Digital Foundry.

Sanctum of Bones location

Location: The Rupture. From the spawn point in The Rupture, head forwards through the rock outcroppings and you'll find the Lost Sector sign on a square jut of rock at the bottom of a small hill.

Strategy: Head inside the cave entrance further up the hill, turn left and follow the tunnel as it continues to twist left.

This dungeon is filled with Taken, so hang back in the first chamber and use an auto-rifle or sniper rifle to pick off the Psions and other Taken fodder from a safe distance. When it's clear, head up the pathway at the back.

Head through the open doorway and turn right at the next small chamber (also filled with a few Taken).

Follow this path then take another right and you'll enter a sloping, open area. Take out the Taken to your right at a safe distance, jump over onto the large platform on your right, then leap over to the yellow-lit doorway to your left.

Turn left and you'll come face to face with the boss of this dungeon (Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing).

He's tough, so use high impact hand cannons and fusion rifles to soften him up. We found backing up to the entrance and smashing him with our super worked wonders. Mop up the last few Psions and the loot is yours.

Aphix Conduit location

Location: The Rupture. You'll find the cave entrance in the bottom-right corner of The Rupture, and the symbol on a rock on the outskirts of the path nearby, with a tree on the cliff wall in the distance overhead.

Strategy: Turn right once you enter the cave and follow the path as it leads to a large open area with a sealed door at the top of some stairs.

This Lost Sector is overrun with Vex, so use a sniper rifle or auto-rifle to take down the two Hobgoblins at the top of the stairs. Now take out the large number of Goblins.

Go past the stairs and head into the far right-hand corner of the chamber, turn left, take out the Goblins waiting for you then turn left.

You'll now be in a large, open area. Use a weapon with plenty of distance to focus fire on the Goblins, the Harpies and the boss of this dungeon, Ruined Mind. He has a revolving shield so take your time and avoid its powerful purple blasts.

For Season of Plunder, we have the Sails of the Shipstealer quest, Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments, Cryptic Quatrains and weapons such as the Quicksilver Storm and Taipan 4FR. Meanwhile, there's the arrival of King's Fall and King's Fall challenges, plus weapons including Doom of Chelchis and Touch of Malice. For The Witch Queen, learn how to get Exotics including Dead Messenger and Parasite.

Grove of Ulan-Tan location

Location: Lost Oasis. From the Lost Oasis fast travel point, turn left and follow the edge of the map until you reach the Lost Sector entrance. The symbol is just outside, clear as day.

Strategy: This dungeon is filled with Vex, so expect a mixture up slow up close battles and lost distance sniping.

Enter the cave, turn right and follow the path until you enter an open area with huge trees. Take out the large groups of Goblins and the Harpies before entering the blue-lilt corridor at the end of the area.

Turn right, take out the Goblins, then turn right again. You'll now be in a room with trees and a blue-lit pool.

This area is mainly filled with Harpies and Goblins, so rely on a decent auto-rifle or sniper rifle to take them all down.

Head to the back of the room, enter the yellow-lit doorway, turn right and follow the path. This is the final chamber, and its filled with Harpies, Goblins and our dungeon boss, Qeldron.

He's got a shield and he's tough as nails, so play it safe, hang back and pepper him from afar. Make sure you've got a rifle with a quick reload so you can inflict damage before he retreats to recharge his shield.

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