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Delayed physical editions of Sonic Colours: Ultimate go on sale next month

Boxed in.

The delayed physical editions of Sonic Colours: Ultimate go on sale next month, Sega has announced.

The standard and keyring editions of the game will be available to buy from 1st October.

The physical release of Sonic Colours: Ultimate was delayed in Europe due to "unforeseen logistical issues", Sega said back in August, which suggested the company ran up against the impact on global shipping and distribution during the pandemic. The game went on sale as planned from download stores this week.

The remaster hit the headlines after its various graphical problems emerged on social media. The bulk of the problems are with the Nintendo Switch version, but Digital Foundry also took a look at how Sonic Colours Ultimate fares on PlayStation and Xbox. The video below goes into extra detail:

Cover image for YouTube videoDF Retro x Modern - Sonic Colors Ultimate: Every Console Version Tested
Sonic Colours is a game well worth remastering, but how does the game play out across the spectrum of available consoles? And what of the quality of the remastering work?

For its part, Sega has said it's looking into the issues for a potential patch.