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Sonic Colours: Ultimate out now on PC via Steam

Wisp-er it.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate is now available on PC, via Steam.

Originally released on the Wii in 2010, it's often considered by Sonic fans as one of the best 3D outings of the blue blur.

The Ultimate edition came to consoles in 2021 and now - finally - it's on PC.

DF Retro x Modern - Sonic Colors Ultimate: Every Console Version Tested!Watch on YouTube

The remaster adds upscaled visuals, as well as the Rival Rush mode (racing against Metal Sonic), a new Wisp power, and other quality of life improvements.

To celebrate the game's release on Steam, it's launched with a 30 percent discount until 13th February. What's more, other Sonic games have also been discounted, including Sonic Frontiers (30 percent) and Sonic Origins (50 percent).

Sonic Colours sees Sonic exploring an amusement park created by Dr. Eggman, and introduced the Wisps that provide various powers like drilling through the ground or zipping through the air. The game was praised for its mix of 2D and 3D levels, as well as its soundtrack.

However, the Ultimate edition was notoriously buggy - in particular on Switch, according to Digital Foundry.

So far the game has a "Mixed" response on Steam, with players criticising the number of bugs, long load times, sound effect glitches and more.

"This port is better than other versions of Ultimate by far and if you WANT to play Ultimate then this is a fine experience," reads one review. "I love Sonic Colors but I'd be lying if I said this was the best way to play the game. I would recommend this if it goes on sale, which it has at the time I'm writing this, being its launch date, and mods come in to make everything better, but for now you're better off breaking out the Wii."

Eurogamer's original Sonic Colours review was positive, describing it as "a simple, neon-tinged blast of action gaming, and sometimes, that's all you really want".

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