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Sonic Colours: Ultimate boxed editions delayed indefinitely in Europe

Gotta go slow.

Sega has announced an indefinite delay to the physical release of Sonic Colours: Ultimate in Europe.

The holdup applies to both standard and keyring editions of the game - the latter of which includes a Baby Sonic keychain. Digital versions of the game are unaffected and arrive as planned on 7th September.

Sega blamed the delay on "unforeseen logistical issues", and said it would affect all EMEA markets excluding Australia and New Zealand.

"Sega is committed to customer satisfaction and we apologise for this unfortunate delay," the publisher wrote in a statement posted to Twitter. "More information to follow."

Various product launches have previously been held up by the impact to global shipping and distribution during the pandemic - there's no suggestion the game itself is at fault.

As those who've played the 2010 original will know, Sonic Colours transports Sega's mascot to Dr. Robotnik's interstellar theme park for a familiar blend of appropriately high-speed into-the-screen and side-on platforming, powered up with new skills thanks to friendly Wisps.

Development work on this Ultimate edition is being being handled by Blind Squirrel Entertainment, which recently worked on BioWare's Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Expect upscaled visuals (4K on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X), gameplay upgrades, refined controls, plus a new Rival Rush mode, pitting Sonic against Metal Sonic to unlock rewards.

Fun fact I learned today: unlike some other video games with American English spellings, Sonic Colours actually uses the 'U' here in the UK. Here's a look at that keyring:

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