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Deep Silver says Dead Island 2, the next Saints Row, Metro and TimeSplitters won't be at E3

Zombie shuffle.

Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro and TimeSplitters will not be at E3, Deep Silver has confirmed.

Its parent company Koch Media plans a livestream with new announcements for Summer Games Fest, but Deep Silver's games will not be a part of it, or any other E3 2021 event.

"We'll let you know when we have news to share," the Deep Silver Twitter account said.

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Koch Media releases video games under the Deep Silver publishing label, but it also does business itself (things can get a bit confusing when you consider Koch Media is owned by the all-encompassing Embracer Group, which owns Biomutant publisher THQ Nordic).

While it's a shame we won't see the next big Saints Row game, Dead Island 2, or what's next from Metro at E3, I don't think there was any expectation TimeSplitters would make an appearance - the new Free Radical Design studio built to revive the series was only recently set up.

Perhaps Gamescom in August is a better bet?

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