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Dead Space 3 plot details leak

Isaac a shadow of former self.

Purported plot details from Dead Space 3 have leaked, detailing returning hero Isaac Clarke's deteriorating mental state.

EA's threequel will see the beleaguered engineer haunted by a secondary personality, according to fresh info from Siliconera.

Dubbed "Shadow Isaac", the apparition will haunt players throughout the game - similar to how Clarke's dead girlfriend Nicole popped up in Dead Space 1 and 2.

It's unclear whether Clarke is going insane or suffering the hallucinogenic effects of another alien "Marker".

Regardless, Clarke's shadow will be a constant presence throughout the game, taunting him for his failures.

Siliconera's source previously shared information on Dead Space 3's setting - a frozen planet named Tau Volantis. The latest leak suggests Isaac will travel there to escape arrest by futuristic military police EarthGov, presumably due to the events of Dead Space 2.

Dead Space 3 has yet to be formally announced by EA, although the publisher has made reference to a third Dead Space instalment, and TV cameras spotted a Dead Space 3 logo during a recent EA studio tour.

Dead Space 2.