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Isometric spin-off Darksiders Genesis coming to PC and Stadia in December

Console versions to follow next February.

Darksiders Genesis, developer Airship Syndicate's top-down take on Darksiders' usual third-person action-adventure formula, will heading to PC and Stadia on 5th December, with a console release scheduled for 14th February next year.

Genesis unfolds prior to the events of the original Darksiders, and marks the debut of Strife - the "gunslinging" fourth horseyperson of the apocalypse - as a playable character in the series. Players can expect a new story, exploring the origins of the Seven Seals, plus ample action as Strife and his brother War tussle their way through the forces of heaven and hell.

In two-player co-op (available online and locally), that means one character per player - with War focussing on sword-based melee attacks and Strife favouring ranged combat - while solo players will need to swap between the horsebros on-the-fly.

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Dicebreaker's Johnny Chiodini was pleasantly surprised by Darksiders Genesis when he took it for a whirl earlier this year, likening its co-operative blend of isometric hack-and-slash combat and platforming to Square Enix's hugely enjoyable Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light.

Following its 5th December launch on PC and Stadia, Darksiders Genesis will make its way to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch on 14th February next year.

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