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Dance Central outsold Rock Band 3

Now commands largest Harmonix team.

Harmonix invented Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but it's the Kinect-exclusive Dance Central that now rules the roost at the musical developer.

Rock Band 3, released late October 2010, can be played on either DS, PS3, Wii or Xbox 360. Dance Central, released two weeks later, can only be played on Kinect.

"To date [Dance Central] has outperformed Rock Band 3 at retail," Harmonix lead Alex Rigopulos told Destructoid.

"[Dance Central is] our top-selling product right now, and I would say the largest single development team at the studio is hard at work on Dance Central, without being able to be too much more specific than that."

MTV parent company Viacom sold Harmonix back to Harmonix early this year. Barely weeks later, Activision discontinued the Guitar Hero series of games. These were the end results of a lacklustre music genre, where both Rock Band 3 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock fell on deaf ears.

Despite that, Rigopulos remains upbeat, seeing great potential for floundering Guitar Hero fans to discover Rock Band. He also has "far more fundamental" changes for Rock Band planned.

"We continue to have significant resources devoted to Rock Band, both in the near term and far term of Rock Band," Rigopulos said.

"Beyond this year, there are some far more fundamental re-imaginings of the Rock Band franchise that we're thinking about."

Harmonix won't settle at just Rock Band and Dance Central, either.

"We also have significant resources devoted to a number of new IPs and new game concepts in development as well."

"... We have a lot of very cool new ideas in the works right now, looking out beyond both Rock Band and Dance Central."

Dance Central has become Harmonix's future.