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Crytek's Hunt is back from the dead - and it looks pretty cool

But will the company survive long enough to realise its potential?

Crytek has released a gameplay video showing off Hunt: Showdown, it's new in the works multiplayer first-person shooter.

Hunt: Showdown emerged from the ashes of Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, the co-op action game from defunct studio Crytek USA.

Crytek has suffered high-profile financial issues that has seen the German company sell off a number of its studios in a bid to raise cash to pay increasingly exasperated staff, some of whom went months without wages. The company now focuses on its CryEngine business as well as the development of Hunt at its main Frankfurt office and Warface at its Kiev office.

Hunt: Showdown is described as a PvP monster hunter game. In the video, below, Hunt creative director Magnus Larbrant and level design director Chris Auty hunt down a spider in a dark Louisiana swamp.

There are four others teams of two after the same bounty, as well as more monsters and zombies to contend with. Crytek said matches can last anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes, with the footage consolidating one round into an eight-minute video.

The question is, will Crytek be around long enough to realise Hunt's potential? A source close to the studio has told Eurogamer Crytek was once again late to pay salaries this month, but the development team is pouring its heart into the game, buoyed by the chance to create a core-focused shooter.

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Hunt: Showdown

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