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Crusader Kings sci-fi successor Stellaris release date confirmed

"Make space great again."

Sci-fi strategy game Stellaris, the latest project by Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 developer Paradox Development Studio, is coming to PC, Mac and Linux on 9th May, Paradox revealed at its GDC press conference.

The developer wore Trump-parodying "Make space great again" red baseball caps the whole time.

Paradox boasted about how Stellaris will be its most accessible game yet, though was quick to clarify that it does not mean it's dumbing down the strategy.

Stellaris will support 32-player multiplayer with an advanced diplomacy system and a focus on exploring vast, procedurally-generated cosmos.

Cover image for YouTube videoStellaris - "The Vast Unknown" In-game Trailer GDC 2016