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Cosy postal narrative adventure Lake getting festive DLC

Mail dominated industry.

If the summer heat is getting to you, here is something that will cool you down a bit - Lake, the cosy postal game, is getting a wintery and festive DLC.

Appropriately titled Season's Greetings, this DLC will act as a prequel taking place nine months before the main story of Lake. This time, players will take on the role of Thomas Weiss, father of Lake's protagonist Meredith Weiss, as he goes about his days delivering mail to the residents of Providence Oaks, while readying himself for a visit from his daughter.

Lake developer Gamious promises more of the same cosy and relaxing gameplay in Season's Greetings, with the addition of new characters as well as some familiar faces. There will also be the chance to find answers to some of those lingering questions players still have from the main game - though the developer stopped short of spoiling any specifics. You can see a short trailer for Season's Greetings below.

Check out the reveal trailer for the upcoming Season's Greetings DLC prequel to Lake.Watch on YouTube

"We can't wait for players to jump back into Lake's world, which might look even prettier covered in a layer of snow, and cheered up with lots of Christmas lighting," creative director Jos Bouman said.

"As far as we know, Season's Greetings might be the first game that doesn't just add a visual layer to make it a 'Christmas game', but is built from the ground up to let players experience a game in the true spirit of Christmas. With the annual bombardment of Christmas-themed music and movies, we think it's about time to add a holiday game to that tradition!"

We don't have a specific date for this DLC as yet, but the developer has assured a Holiday Season release window, which seems appropriate.

Thomas Weiss in Lake's Season's Greetings DLC.

As for Lake itself, if you are yet to travel to the charming Providence Oaks, I would fully recommend you check it out.

In our Eurogamer review, we called it "a gentle adventure, imbued with a sense of place and purpose", and I agree.

"Lake may seem like a familiar tale of someone returning to their hometown after a long absence, but it's a game of fine detail and strong character, its modest scope infused with a great sense of purpose," Emad Ahmed wrote on the game's release.

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