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Confederate flag removed from GTA: The Trilogy

Plus Switch version requires a download.

The Confederate flag has been removed from a recurring GTA character in the series' new remastered trilogy.

As spotted by Kotaku, arms dealer Phil Cassidy no longer has the flag on his t-shirt. Instead it's sporting a skull design.

Cassidy is only briefly seen in the new trailer (at 0:34) and it's unclear if other depictions of the flag have been removed, but changing the T-shirt to remove the Southern slavery symbol is one example of how Rockstar Games is updating the game.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer

The arms dealer is seen in GTA 3 and Vice City (as well as Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories), though it's Vice City where he features most prominently wearing the Confederate flag. Importantly, he's ridiculed in the game, appearing drunk before losing his arm in an explosive accident.

In further GTA: The Trilogy news, the Switch version will require a download in addition to the cartridge.

Images of the box show "Download required", even though the total size of the game is 25.4GB. The maximum size for a Switch cartridge is 32GB, meaning Rockstar has chosen a smaller - cheaper - cartridge size, with the remaining data being downloadable.

GTA: The Trilogy has been long rumoured but was finally revealed last week with a new trailer.

It will be released digitally on 11th November across PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Physical copies will follow on 7th December.