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Conan topples GTA IV in Europe

German and Swedish charts hail new king.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

More good sales news for the newborn MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - and this time it's not from a Funcom press release.

The latest German and Swedish games charts report that the bloodthirsty massively multiplayer fantasy RPG has toppled none other than Grand Theft Auto IV from the top spot in both countries.

This follows news that Age of Conan placed second behind GTA IV - and ahead of Haze - in the UK charts, making it the biggest PC game launch of the year to date in Britain.

Funcom has recently reported that a million signed up for the Conan beta, early access sold out, the game broke pre-order records, and 400,000 players signed up in the first week.

It now seems safe to suggest that Age of Conan is the most successful MMO launch since World of Warcraft. Check out our launch week verdict for more on the game, and expect a full review in the coming weeks.

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