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Conan PVP consequences "very soon"

Funcom hoping for "early next week".

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures game director Craig Morrison has said Funcom hopes to add the long-awaited player-versus-player consequences system to the game "early next week".

Speaking to Eurogamer earlier this week, Morrison said, "It's very, very soon. It's been on the test server for three or four weeks, and we're actually doing final tests on it this morning [Tuesday], as I speak to you. The hope is that if it's not this week, it'll be early next week."

The notoriety system is the second half of an overhaul of the game's PVP. The overhaul began by adding PVP levelling and incentives, but the lack of consequences and factions to balance this out has made the Age of Conan quite an unfriendly place to be in recent weeks.

Also coming in the imminent update are major changes to the combat and crafting in Age of Conan.

We'll let you know when as the patch drops as soon as we do.

For more on the current state of Age of Conan - and what's being done to improve it - check out our full interview with Morrison.