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Compensation offered for Hot Coffee

Cash available for US GTA fans.

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Remember Hot Coffee, the filthy naked mini-game found hidden in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? In November, you may recall, Take-Two reached a settlement in the matter. The publisher promised to spend at least USD 1 million on compensating those who were "offended and upset" by the whole thing.

Now's your chance to claim some cash, if you're American. And willing to swear you were offended and upset. All the details of how to apply for compensation can be found over on

If you can provide your original game disc you'll get a Hot Coffee-free copy in exchange. Show a receipt too and you'll get up to USD 35, or USD 17.50 for a credit card statement. Those who have a disc and purchase details will get USD 10, or without a disc it's USD 5. There's a deadline of 16th May to apply.

So are there any plans to offer similar compensation to traumatised European victims of the appalling Hot Coffee tragedy? No word as yet.

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