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Company of Heroes sequel?

GFW editor spills beans.

Relic are working on a follow-up to the excellent World War II strategy game Company of Heroes, according to Games for Windows editor Jeff Green, who says the May edition of his magazine contains exclusive information about it.

"It's one of those 'exclusive' stories; this time about the follow-up to Relic's awesome Company of Heroes," Green confessed in his 1UP blog. "Guess what? We get to kill more Nazis again!! Yay! Them shitz never gets old, knowhumsayin?"

"I wish I could be hiding in the bushes by every one of your homes at the moment you see the issue sitting there, just so I could see that look of excitement and anticipation on your faces!"

Unfortunately THQ was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

We thought Company of Heroes breathed new life into a stale genre and setting when we reviewed it last year, awarding it the highest mark possible. Head over elsewhere on Eurogamer to find out why.