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Company of Heroes 2 gets free content next week

Includes World Builder, two new maps and four commanders.

Relic Entertainment's popular RTS Company of Heroes 2 will receive a free update entitled Turning Point on 12th November.

Turning Point will consist of the World Builder level editor, two new multiplayer maps - Rails and Metal (2-4 players) and Lazur Factory (6-8 players), and four new multiplayer commanders - two per faction. One of each of these new commanders was designed by a member of the game's community.

"We are excited to provide such a large content update to Company of Heroes 2 players," said Relic executive producer Greg Wilson. "We are particularly proud to offer our community the much sought-after World Builder and are hoping to provide Steam Workshop integration and other mod features in the near future."

Relic will show off the new maps on its Twitch channel tomorrow and the World Builder on Wednesday, 6th November.

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