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Cannon Fodder 3 for PC, 360 announced

Hare cut; unknown dev recruited.

UPDATE: Codemasters has told Eurogamer it has no plans to publish GFI's recently-announced Cannon Fodder 3 in Europe and is not attached to the project. A statement is expected shortly.

ORIGINAL STORY: Codemasters has this morning announced the surprise development of Cannon Fodder 3 for PC and Xbox 360.

Jon Hare, creator of Cannon Fodder, appears to have nothing to do with it. He was last spotted talking about getting Cannon Fodder on iPhone.

Instead, Codemasters has hired unknown Russian developer GFI for the job.

The blurb tells of an evil military alliance by Europe, Asia and Africa that you must stop. How? With a teensy squadron of cannon fodder soldiers.

"Cartoon violence" is mentioned, and it sounds as though you'll even take the fight out of the Earth's atmosphere and into space.

Also noted: "isometric 3D environment", "weather effects", "change of time", "destructible environments" and "physical water".

There's no date.

Russian developer GFI, founded 2003, has previously worked on The Precursors, White Gold, Warfare: Reloaded (which not only sounds like Modern Warfare 2 but also has strikingly similar box art) and Who Said Meow?.