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Cannon Fodder 3 is… well…


So this is how Cannon Fodder 3 turned out.

Trailers for the game show an... interesting take on the much-loved retro strategy series. One is below.

Eurogamer reported on Cannon Fodder 3, from unknown Russian developer GFI, in January 2011.

At the time Codemasters, which licensed the Cannon Fodder IP to GFI for a one-title project in 2008, distanced itself from from the game, confirming it was only set for release in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Now we know how it turned out, thanks to internet super sleuth Superannuation, who spotted a YouTube video that includes a link to download the demo - if you dare.

Jon Hare, creator of Cannon Fodder, has nothing to do with it. The blurb tells of an evil military alliance by Europe, Asia and Africa that you must stop.

Russian developer GFI, founded 2003, has previously worked on The Precursors, White Gold, Warfare: Reloaded and Who Said Meow?.

Cannon Fodder 3 launched in Russia in December 2011.

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