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Will Cannon Fodder 3 release in the UK?

Russia and the CIS only for now.

Cannon Fodder 3, from unknown Russian developer GFI, is currently set for release in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) only.

Codemasters told Eurogamer this morning that GFI's plans for distribution and release outside of Russia and the CIS "have yet to be announced".

"In 2008 Codemasters licensed the Cannon Fodder IP to GFI for a one-title project," a Codemasters spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"Under the agreement, GFI is designing and developing a new game based on the series for release in Russia and the CIS territories. Codemasters understands that GFI's plans for distribution and release outside of Russia and the CIS have yet to be announced."

Eurogamer has contacted GFI for comment.

Jon Hare, creator of Cannon Fodder, appears to have nothing to do with it. The blurb tells of an evil military alliance by Europe, Asia and Africa that you must stop.

"Cartoon violence" is mentioned, and it sounds as though you'll even take the fight out of the Earth's atmosphere and into space. Also noted: "isometric 3D environment", "weather effects", "change of time", "destructible environments" and "physical water".

No release date was mentioned.

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