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Codemasters unveils Overlord II

First game was "not evil enough".

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Codemasters has unveiled Overlord II for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Due out in 2009, it's based around a battle between a Roman-inspired Empire and the Overlord: order against chaos.

Technically speaking, Overlord II will be better-looking and cleverer than the original, with minions able to think for themselves, ride beasts, use siege equipment and tear down buildings.

Dutch developer Triumph, more importantly, plans to make the sequel much more evil.

"We took the critique to heart that Overlord was not evil enough, with some of the choices offered as between good and evil," Lennart Sas, game director, told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"Now the choices are between lawful evil and chaotic evil, which usually translates to either enslaving the population or all-out scorched earth. Decisions, decisions."

Triumph has decided to give the minions names in order that relationships between master and underling are established. And, if one happens to die, there is the option to resurrect him at the Minion Graveyard.

We liked Overlord 1 to the tune of 8/10.

Head over to our Overlord II gallery for the very first screenshots from the game.

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