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Codemasters to close RF Online

You've got five weeks.

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Codemasters has revealed that it's going to close down its sci-fi MMO, RF Online, on the morning of 10th November in North America and Europe.

Codemasters operates RF Online under licence from Korean developers CCR. According to the official site, the licence is set to expire shortly, and Codemasters and CCR couldn't agree terms for a renewal.

The purchase of credits has already been taken offline, and you're encouraged to spend your remaining credits before the game closes in a little over a month's time. Creation of new accounts is also disabled. There's a FAQ for the bereaved and confused.

"RF Online was Codemasters Online's first MMO service and we have been very proud of its development and success during its three years of existence," said Codemasters. "It was also one of the first Eastern-style MMORPGs to ever make it to Western market and do well and it's with much fondness that we look back and remember these achievements "

Codemasters began RF Online as a subscription game, but after some poor reviews and lukewarm public receptions, made it free-to-play. This fate also befell the company's other Korean import, ArchLord. Could ArchLord be next for the chopping block?

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