Codemasters drops ArchLord MMO

Webzen to keep it going in the West.

Free ArchLord expansion released

Loads more content, user-base flourishes.

ArchLord hits 500,000 players

Free Korean import scores in West.

Codemasters fan event in March

Meet your LOTRO guild.

Codemasters drops ArchLord MMO

Webzen to keep it going in the West.

Free ArchLord expansion released

Loads more content, user-base flourishes.

ArchLord hits 500,000 players

Free Korean import scores in West.

Codemasters fan event in March

Meet your LOTRO guild.

ArchLord not dead, says Codies

Future content planned.

More ArchLord incentives

Newcomers get free credits.

ArchLord becomes free to play

No more subscriptions.


There can be only one.

Rule the world in ArchLord

Codies' new Korean MMO.