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CliffyB doing two announcements tonight

Gears 3 and Bulletstorm expected.

"BOOM!" Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinkski has tweeted, with typical exuberance, that he'll make not one but two game announcements on his delayed TV appearance tonight.

"NEWSFLASH: Two announcements about two upcoming games on Monday. BOOM!" said the artist formerly known as CliffyB.

The extra announcement is presumably to make up for the fact that Xbox Live accidentally spilled the beans on an April 2011 launch for Gears of War 3 last week.

However, it seems that even this second reveal has already been, well, revealed. US magazine Game Informer (thanks VG247) has torn the wrapper off its next cover, which features Bulletstorm, a new shooter from People Can Fly.

People Can Fly, you'll remember, is the Polish developer of Painkiller and the PC version of Gears of War. It was bought by Epic and has long been known to be developing a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game to be released by EA. It trademarked the name Bulletstorm at the start of this year.

The Game Informer cover shows, would you believe it, a burly man battling many brown mutants. According to Game Informer, Bulletstorm "players will take on hideous mutants in a flurry of lead, all the while racking up combos that encourage variety over headshot after headshot".

You can't keep secrets from the internet, Mr Bleszinkski. Of course, we could yet be wrong about either or both. We'll find out when the Jimmy Fallon show he's appearing on is broadcast at 5.35am UK time tomorrow.