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Civilization V Viking DLC dated

Denmark your calenders.

Two new add-ons for empire-building strategy title Civilization V launch next week.

The Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark - The Vikings, and Explorers Map Pack are available for download from 5th May, priced £2.99 each.

Vikings content includes the Denmark Civilization for use in-game, plus a new Scenario, 1066: Year of Viking Destiny. You'll rule the world as Harald Bluetooth - that's the amply bearded gentlemen with the dead animal draped stylishly over his shoulder in the new shots below.

Meanwhile, the Explorers Map Pack hosts 10 extra single-player landscapes. The press release tells of a balmy Caribbean area, a chilly Bering Strait location, and one cunning map set in the cold, dark interior of an Amazon warehouse - it says "lush jungle" here. They must be mistaken.

These latest slices of DLC are at least the fourth set since release. Mongols, Babylonians, Spanish, Incan, and Polynesian extras are already available to tack on.

Nevertheless, Eurogamer decided the main game is well worth a play through. Quintin Smith awarded Civilization V a prosperous 8/10.