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Civilization 6 gets Korea

Finally, a nation with Seoul.

Firaxis has announced Korea for Civilization 6 expansion Rise and Fall.

Nine new leaders are added to Civilization 6 with the Rise and Fall expansion, which is due out early 2018. (Our Chris Bratt runs through everything you need to know about it in the video below.)

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Korea's leader is Queen Seondeok, who became the rightful heir after King Jinpyeong's death in 632.

Here's a lovely bit of trivia from Firaxis:

"This lead to infighting and some outright rebellions - the notion of having a Queen instead of a King didn't sit well with some factions.

"One revolt leader claimed that a falling star signalled Seondeok wasn't fit to lead. That it was a sign of the end of her reign. The Queen's solution: Fly a burning kite high in the night sky to signal that the star is back in its place."


Seondeok's in-game bonus is for science, and from the sounds of things, Korea will be a good fit for players who like to get on with their research progress.

Korea's unique district is Seowon, which replaces the Campus district. Here's the official blurb:

"Built into the hills, they functioned as both Confucian shrines and scenic preparatory schools in 16th Century Korea. These academies became ideal places to discuss politics and explore new ideas regarding Neo-Confucianism, Korea's contemporary culture and government."

The unique unit is the Hwacha, a two-wheeled cart. Again, here's Firaxis doing its thing:

"Hwachas are considered to have turned the tide of the Imjin War. From 1592 - 1598, hwacha were widely used to aid in repelling Japanese invasions - roughly 50 units deployed in Hanseong (modern day Seoul) and another 80 along the northern borders. The most telling victory came during the Battle of Haengju where Korean soldiers beat back a force 10 times its size thanks to 40 hwachas."

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Korea's unique ability is called Three Kingdoms. To make the most of it, you have to build mines and farms adjacent to a Seowon, as mines receive bonus science and farms yield bonus food from this placement.

And finally, the unique leader ability is Hwarang, which grants players a bonus to both science and culture in all cities with an established governor.

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