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Cities: Skylines 2 has eight free new regional packs on the way

Packs include assets inspired by China, East Europe, France, Germany, Japan, the USA, and the UK.

Cities Skylines 2
Image credit: Colossal Order / Paradox

Cities: Skylines 2 has eight free regional packs on the way, including China, East Europe, France, Germany, Japan, both the east and west coasts in the USA, plus the UK.

Between them, they bring over 2500 new assets to the city-building sim.

Region Packs | Teaser Trailer | Cities: Skylines II.Watch on YouTube

"Covering eight regions, with more than 2500 assets, we present the free Region Packs!" Paradox announced on Cities: Skylines' official YouTube channel.

"We've teamed up with some of your favourite creators, including Titan, bsquiklehousen, Darf, RichardShi, MacWelshman, Badi_Dea, Feindbold, Gurny, and many more, to bring you eight Free Region Packs, coming soon to Paradox Mods!"

The team also released a brief video teaser that introduces all those who made the contributions, as well as a offer a sneaky peek at some of the new assets, including a "modern style" Chinese library (thanks, PC Gamer).

As Matt recently summarised for us, Cities: Skylines 2 has got off to a bit of a rough start, with many players complaining of performance issues following this week's launch on PC. But while publisher Paradox has been forthright in acknowledging these problems (even prior to launch, somewhat unconventionally), it now wants to make it absolutely clear that, no, technical issues aren't because the game is trying to render the teeth of every single person in your city.

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