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Child of Eden out before July

Spiritual sequel to Rez incoming.

Child of Eden, Tetsuya Mizuguchi's stunning new conduct-'em-up shooter, will launch before July this year.

Ubisoft slapped the game with a Q2 release window in an updated launch schedule, meaning it'll turn up at some point in April, May or June.

A "spiritual sequel" to Rez, Child of Eden sees you "purifying" viruses infesting a series of internet archives using a mechanic that a lot of people would classify as "shooting".

Players move a cursor over targets to highlight them, before releasing shots in a single burst.

The Xbox 360 version uses Kinect, but it can also be played using a controller. It is unlear whether the PlayStation 3 version supports Move.

Christian Donlan saw the game for Eurogamer in June last year. "If you love Rez, this is going to make you very happy," he said.