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Behold this functional real-life version of Bloodborne's Saw Cleaver


Someone has created a functional replica of Bloodborne's iconic Saw Cleaver (the weapon from the cover) in real-life.

For those unfamiliar with Bloodborne's mechanics, one of its most flavourful joys is its "trick weapon" system in which every melee weapon transforms into a different weapon.

The Saw Cleaver, for example, transforms from a short axe-like saw blade into a longer, staff-like version of itself. It also looks damn cool with a curved handle adorned by a cloth wrap providing a solid grip.

The weapon smiths at Man at Arms: Reforged took it upon themselves to recreate such an ungodly slick weapon. And this ain't no plastic toy either, as this thing can do some serious damage, as witnessed by its smashing a shaving cream canister in the following video.

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To make this ostentatious weapon, the fine folks at Baltimore Knife and Sword used a section of railroad track for the blade and a pipe for the handle. You can watch an overview of the whole smithing process in the video above.

Now if only someone could engineer a Threaded Cane. I know that would make Donlan happy.