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Chasing Aurora dev's upcoming Secrets of Rætikon will fly to PC, Mac and Linux

UPDATE: Broken Rules explains its move back to PC.

UPDATE: Broken Rules' Martin Pichlmair has responded to my inquery about why the studio's moved its Chasing Aurora follow-up to PC after releasing its last couple titles on Nintendo consoles.

"The main reason for returning to the PC is that we want full creative freedom and less organisational overhead," he told me. "Countless indies have proven that the PC is a viable platform for indie games. Also, And Yet It Moves has more than 500k unlocks on Steam by now - we have a community there that plays our games and knows us. And they are so much easier to reach directly than console gamers."

He added that Secrets of Rætikon may still come to consoles, though, even if that's not yet in the works. "We have not ruled out going to consoles by the way," he stated. "We just want to cater to the PC first and we definitely don't want to bet on any more console launches in the near future."

Original Story: Broken Rules - the Vienna-based developer behind such stylish indie titles as the topsy-turvy platformer And Yet it Moves and the competitive minimalist flying game Chasing Aurora - has revealed that its upcoming action/adventure Secrets of Rætikon is coming to PC, Mac and Linux later this year.

This marks the first time Broken Rules has not released a game on a Nintendo platform as And Yet it Moves was on both WiiWare, PC and Mac, while Chasing Aurora was a Wii U-exclusive. Why isn't Secrets of Rætikon coming to console? I'm not sure, but I intend to find out. You'll know when I do.

In the meantime, Broken Rules has shown off the first gameplay footage of Secrets of Rætikon, which looks like a more varied take on Chasing Aurora's papercraft style. Not much is known about the game, but the developer noted, "it is a physical puzzle game as much as an exploration game."

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